Frequently Asked Questions

Setup and Migration

Rock Cloud provides you with a fully configured Rock instance that's ready and waiting for you to migrate your data.

  • How long does it take to set up my Rock Cloud instance?
    In most cases, we can have your Rock Cloud instance ready for you within a week.
  • I’m already on Rock. Can I have my Rock instance moved to Rock Cloud?
    Yes, we can work with you to move your current Rock instance to a managed Rock Cloud server. Contact us to discuss how we can help.
  • Does Rock Cloud provide data migration from my former Church Management System?
    While data migration is not a part of the Rock Cloud service, Triumph is available to help you with moving your data. You can also work with any of the Spark full-service partners to help you with your transition to Rock.
  • Can I host my Rock website on my Rock instance?
    Definitely! You can alias your custom domains to work on the domain we provide.


Rock Cloud provides fully managed servers and infrastructure to run Rock RMS. Additional configuration and customization of Rock RMS for your specific use case is not included. Below are the details of what is and what isn't covered by the Rock Cloud subscription.

  • What type of support does Rock Cloud provide?
    Rock Cloud provides you with infrastructure support for running Rock. We do not provide application support for the Rock platform. So, if the server or database are having issues, we’ll be all over that, but we won’t be able to troubleshoot configuration or other related Rock issues. Knowing the difference can be hard, which is why we provide a status page for your site. It reports the health of various components that we’re responsible for to bring clarity to any issues you might have.
  • Can I get paid application support for Rock?
    Triumph provides a host of support options for Rock. You can also get support from any of the Spark full-service partners.
  • How can I determine what is an infrastructure issue and what is an application issue?
    We provide a status page that will help you determine if your Rock instance infrastructure is running correctly.
  • Will you update our Rock instances?
    While we’ll keep your infrastructure up to date, you’ll be responsible for updating Rock. This allows you to plan the timing of your update so you can plan training for your staff.


What about the technical details? We have those covered below.

  • What is the backup strategy for Rock Cloud?
    Rock Cloud schedules and manages regular backups for all infrastructure components.

    Web Server
    A full daily backup of your web server VM is provided for seven days.

    A full point-in-time backup of your database is retained for seven days.

    Note: Having a backup of your database is critical in the case of major data loss. Recovering from a backup, however, is something that you’ll want to do with extreme care, as you will lose any changes made to the database from the recovery point. Should you need to do a restore, we’ll be your contact and can work with you on your options.
  • Will I have RDP access to my server?
    To ensure maximum uptime and avoid configuration issues, we do not provide RDP access to your server.
  • Can I have SFTP access to my server to upload themes?
    To ensure the highest level of security, we do not provide SFTP access out of the box. The Rock Cloud support team can quickly enable SFTP access. Just reach out.
  • Will I have access to the database via SSMS or Azure Data Studio?
    To ensure the highest levels of security, we don’t recommend providing access to your database from the Internet. If you require this level of access, we can work with you to enable a secured connection.