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Not all hosting providers are created equal

Hosting is more than a service; it's an investment in your ministry's future. Choose Rock Cloud to ensure your church's digital ministry thrives with top-tier hosting and unwavering support.

Plans built for your church

With Rock Cloud, one simple price gives your church the full power of Rock RMS, without limits on features or functionality.
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S For up to
1,000 attendees
$389 /mo + $249 Setup Fee Log In to Sign Up
M For up to
2,500 attendees
$999 /mo + $249 Setup Fee Log In to Sign Up
L For up to
5,000 attendees
$1,999 /mo + $249 Setup Fee Log In to Sign Up
XL For up to
10,000 attendees
$3,899 /mo + $249 Setup Fee Log In to Sign Up
Custom Need more than our standard packages provide? We're ready to help with custom plans for your organization.


Our Rock Cloud pricing is all-inclusive. Your one monthly bill covers:

  1. Dedicated Infrastructure – Unlike most competitors your data is hosted on dedicated servers to maximize data privacy and performance.
  2. Spark Donation – Rock RMS is an open-source solution developed by Spark Development Network. Churches using Rock support Spark through yearly donations based on their size. Your Rock Cloud hosting plan has your donation baked in. We’ll ensure that your donation makes it to Spark with your name attached guaranteeing you all the benefits of a fully engaged donor.
  3. Support – Your subscription also includes support for your usage of Rock. Please see our support page for details on how we’ll ensure that you receive the best care available for your Rock instance.

Rock Cloud Add Ons

Extend your Rock Cloud instance with our fully integrated add ons. From event check-in to mobile app templates, these options make it easy to build out your digital ministry. Have ideas for an add on? Let us know. We’re always looking for innovative ways to equip churches.

Rock Mobile Basic App


Everything you need to get started with a Rock Mobile app is included. With a template developed by the same team that developed Rock Mobile, you can easily meet today's mobile needs and customize your app to fit your dynamic digital strategy in the future.

  • Initial app onboarding to encouraging logging in
  • Home page experience highlighting events, promotions and messages
  • Media pages for your messages
  • Contact form
  • Account pages for login, dashboard, settings, prayer and saved content
  • Event list and event details
  • Prayer details and sessions
  • Giving browser link
  • Push notifications

Note that a Rock Mobile App will increase the traffic to your server as your congregation engages with you through that platform. This may require updating to the next larger hosting package to accomodate that traffic.

Work with Rock


You’re not in this alone! Beyond the included infrastructure support, you can elect to partner with our team to support your application. Contact us for additional details.

Flexible Administrative Support

Rock is a highly customizable toolkit for ministry. This package will assist in the administration of your system. Email support is available to two members of your staff and emails from you will typically be responded to within one business day. Assistance will be billed at our standard hourly rate, at up to five hours per month, or may be pre-purchased in a block of 15 hours. With this package we can assist you with items such as:

  • Check-in configuration
  • System configuration
  • Creating basic reports

This support package does not include help building new features or providing custom changes. That's why we offer another option.

Support Retainers

If you think you’ll want help with the types of customized activities listed below, a support retainer will best fit your needs.

  • Building new webpages
  • Lava scripts
  • Custom SQL
  • Workflow logic

Implementation Packages

These options will help get your organization on Rock quickly. Choose one or all, if you'd like a little assistance. We're also able to tailor-make an implementation plan just for you. Contact us for more information.

Check-in Package

  1. Configure kids' check-in for one campus, utilizing core check-in labels (each additional campus $540)
  2. Configure Rock mobile check-in for one campus, if desired
  3. Create one custom check-in theme
  4. Configure the Family Preregistration form with schedules for one campus and desired information (child allergies, etc.)
  5. Two hours of training of your choice, Q&A or demo, such as:
    1. Understanding the pros/cons of criteria-based/membership-based check-in
    2. Understanding check-in ability level
    3. Printer setup/configuration
    4. Check-in strategies
    5. Attendance Analytics
    6. Check-in Streaks, Achievements, and Celebrations

Communications Package

  1. Update email logo, brand/lightly customize global email header/footer
  2. Brand/lightly customize one basic communications email template
  3. Configure a basic external contact form based on your current form; create a Connection Opportunity for Connection Requests created by the contact form workflow; add a workflow to notify staff of new requests
  4. Configure an all-member data view (based on "Member" connection status) and create an associated communication list
  5. Two hours of training of your choice, Q&A or demo, such as:
    1. Communications lists
    2. The communications approval process
    3. Communications segments
    4. The Rock SMS Pipeline
    5. Personal communication preferences/subscriptions
    6. Prayer configuration

Groups/Events Package

  1. Create a group setup (group type) for your small groups
  2. Configure the public Group Leader Toolbox block settings for this group type according to your requirements
  3. Configure one basic one-form event registration that doesn't require payment
  4. Configure the public Group Finder block settings to meet your requirements
  5. Two hours of training of your choice, Q&A or demo, such as:
    1. Group type configuration
    2. Group scheduling
    3. Group attendance
    4. Group leader tools
    5. Group history

Finance/Reporting Package

  1. Brand/lightly customize the core contribution statement
  2. Create a dynamic report displaying giving journeys
  3. Create reports showing movement between giving bins
  4. Set up one financial account
  5. Two hours of training of your choice, Q&A or demo, such as:
    1. Configuring financial accounts
    2. Configuring payments on event registrations
    3. Generating contribution statements with the Statement Generator
    4. Benevolence
    5. Pledges
Get Going


Get your team ready to Rock, with options ranging from FREE training on the Rock RMS community website, to classes from Rock RMS, to one-on-one personal training from experts on our team.


  • Community Guides
  • Rock U Training Videos

Community Classes

Pricing Varies
  • Rock 101 & 102
  • Rock Master Class
  • SQL Class
  • Rock Finance Class
  • Check-In for Rock Class


  • Individualized training
  • For one person or a group
  • Customized to your needs
  • Includes 10 hours


Want to extend your training or include additional options? We can customize training to be a perfect fit for your team's needs.

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